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Need a 20 minute yoga fix? I've got you covered.

I LOVE a long yoga class when I can manage it, but for home practices, something under 30 mins feels a lot more manageable to squeeze in. 20 minutes is perfect (it’s about the length of a Paw Patrol on Netflix 😊)

I know, you're stuck for time too, so I want to share some great 20 minute yoga practices with you!

And.. there's more...

I'm running an online Sangha for 6 weeks starting next Wednesday 12th August (and I would LOVE if you can join me!) .You can find out more and register here.

It's all about creating calm, connection and commitment.

The idea is that we have a weekly Zoom call for about 30 mins or so where we practice yoga/meditation/mindfulness together- I lead a short introduction/ centring and then we each do a 20 minute practice of our own choosing (so whatever you are in the mood for) and then a short closing meditation/reflection. We’ll also have a chance to share at the end of the call how the practice was for us!

Maybe you have a meditation practice established, or a home yoga practice you’ve already honed. Maybe you use a meditation or mindfulness app.

Maybe you don't have the time to trawl the many (many!) YouTube videos to find a short yoga class that speaks to you. If so I've done some work for you , with 10 yoga practices that you can access for free online.

For the Sangha, I recommend choosing a practice in advance of the call-and if you are planning to use one of the videos below- check it out briefly before the call-so you get a sense whether the teacher style will keep you engaged for the 20 minutes!


1. Yoga with Adriene- One of the most popular online yogis on YouTube. She has a gazillion videos for different moods and needs. They’re really accessible for even complete beginners. Just pick one and go! I quite enjoy this one (no.. no reason.. I'm always totally chilled... ahem).

2. Erica Rascon - Great 20 minute flow for beginners below. I like the clarity and pace of her directions. She has lots of other shorter and longer practices on her channel too.

3. Yoga for better sleep - from Arundhati Baitmangalkar of Aham Yoga, because who wouldn't want a better night's sleep? Again lots of other videos on the channel.

4. Cat Meffan - Gorgeous yoga and meditation for an evening wind down.

5. Dianne Bondy Yoga- a more challenging practice working on playing with handstand and flying pigeon.

6. I LOVE a yoga practice that gets into the hips! Here’s one from Honest Yoga Northern Ireland

7. I really like how slow and mindful this practice is from Kasia Yoga - lovely relaxing and mindful practice for the arms, shoulders and upper body.

8. Another yoga teacher with a huge number of videos on her YouTube channel is Yoga with Kassandra. Here’s an intermediate level Vinyasa flow from her.

9. This audio Yoga Nidra with Louise George Yoga Nidra (meaning ‘Yogic Sleep’) is a relaxation technique which induces deep physical, mental, and emotional relaxation. Be warned, you may go into actual sleep!

10. Last but not least, if you're pregnant, I have a few yoga and breathing practice videos on my website (each is 10 minutes long, so if you put two together- you've got your 20 minutes!) Check them out here or on Youtube below:


There you go! If you want to join us Wednesday 12th, just click the link here to register and please share this with anyone you think would enjoy this!

Next week (before the Sangha begins) I'll also share some meditation and mindfulness practices/resources so stay tuned?

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