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Let's practice together

Do you want to practice yoga/meditation/mindfulness but find it hard to make the time? One thing that can help is when we make a commitment to practice together.


Join me in an online Sangha and once a week, for 6 weeks, starting Wednesday 12th August at 7pm (Irish Summer Time- check your time zone here), we'll take time out to practice together, building community and commitment and creating space in our lives for that elusive mindfulness practice.


It’s completely free and you join from the comfort of your own home, via Zoom

Meditation Group

What's 'Sangha'?

Sangha is a Sanskrit word meaning community. Most often it’s used to describe the Buddhist community of monks, nuns and sometimes also lay people who practice together.

Who is this Sangha for?

 This ‘Sangha’ is for everyone, Buddhist or not. Yogi or not. A community and opportunity to come together for a mindful practice.

How does it work?

Once a week we'll come together on a zoom call for approx 30 minutes. I'll lead a brief introduction and grounding exercise/meditation and then everyone will spend approx 20 minutes doing their own chosen practice. There'll be an option to let the group know what you plan to do for your 20 minutes (which helps to keep focused!) I'll lead a short reflection to close.

But what practice should I do?

And mindfulness- based practice is great-this could be yoga, meditation, tai-chi, breathwork, mindful dance even.  Maybe you have your own approach to it, or maybe you watch a video or use an app to guide you in whatever practice you choose. It's up to you!

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Simply sign up below for my mailing list, and I’ll send you the link to the regular zoom call.

Thanks for signing up! An email with the Zoom details is winging its way to you right now! Be sure to check your pesky junk folder just in case it ends up there!

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