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The look of love


The day I became a mother, after an epic labour, hopes for a homebirth dashed with a transfer to the Coombe, 12 hours of syntocinon drip, eventually an epidural (followed by blessed sleep), over an hour of pushing and he was there and they said "look down and see what you have" and I thought "Holy crap it's a BABY".

What did I learn in my first few months as a mother- What would I tell her now?

Even the longest nights end and eventually the baby sleeps

'Sleep when the baby sleeps' is a rule for a reason

There will be bad days and good days

Trust your instincts

Your body will one day feel like your own again

Ask for help

Letting a baby nap in your arms is a great excuse to watch Scandinavian detective dramas (or whatever Netflix binge floats your boat)

It's ok to say you're tired

It's ok to say you're struggling

Whatever you're worried about, others have worried about it too and there are google search autocompletes to prove it

There is no one answer, because no two babies or mothers are the same

A baby falling asleep on your chest is the most beautiful, cosy thing but a baby falling asleep on your chest when you need to pee or when the water/remote is just out of reach is the most frustrating thing

Slings/baby carriers are amazing

Trust your partner to be the parent they naturally are - try not to micro manage

Slow down

Forget about the cot/cosleeper

Nobody is judging you

You'll feel lonely sometimes

Be gentle with yourself

Baby will eventually sleep all night*

Be gentle with your partner

No words can describe this love

No words can describe this love

*although I was reminded they may not be a baby when this happens :-)

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