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Take five.... for relaxation

This week I have a short audio relaxation for you. It's just 5 minutes... so it shouldn't require massive amounts of planning (or paw patrol episodes on repeat!) to allow you to get your relax on... You can stare at the lovely sky and sea in the picture here if you like. Or look our your window at a beautiful tree. Or at least close your eyes so you can't see the mess in the kitchen.


Occasionally I reminisce about the good old days before kids. When I could go pee without being interrupted. When I could eat a meal without demands for milk/water/bum-wiping. Before the kitchen floor was a permanent obstacle course of lego, toy cars, and yesterday's dinner.... ah those days..

... when Sunday morning yoga stretched into lunch. When the barrier to early morning meditations were the late nights with wine and friends. When weekends felt like empty canvases to be filled with lie-ins, musings in cafes, catch ups, and (before significant others) eyeing up the other young free and singles.

Now, yoga comes in 10 minute bursts, morning meditations are dreams unrealised. I try to practice mindfulness in the shower, over my coffee, standing in the garden breathing in the Autumn cool in the mornings. I am (almost) always interrupted. I am always craving peace, alone-time, even while I love these kids, this life more than I can express.

Five minutes,

Five minutes is the length of time it takes me to do my face in the morning (moisturizer, and little mascara and a lot of don't give a shit is really that easy!)

Five minutes is barely opening my phone and locking the screen again.

Five minutes I can find.

Five minutes we can do.

So here's a relaxation I've been doing myself the last week, when I remember. It's very simple. The breath, the body, the bringing of awareness.

The being ok even the 5 mins are interrupted!

But let's hope it's not, and hope you enjoy it!

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