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Be in love with your life

"Be in love with your life"

I read this quote recently, and it got me thinking. How do you fall in love with your life in a time when the world seems crazy, when winter draws in and getting out of a cosy bed becomes difficult on these dark mornings? So I made a random list.. for me.. for you.. for whoever you think might need a prompt today. I challenge you - what could you do today to be in love with your life?

  1. Get to know yourself. Be still sometimes, let your inner voice be heard. It has wisdom to impart

  2. Smile, first thing, for yourself, not to show others a brave or pretty face, but to show your soul that you love her.

  3. Find a small joy. A simple thing that makes your heart sing. - Read. The kind of reading we used to do in the days before the internet. Go deep and lose yourself in words. Make note of beautiful phrases that catch your eye.

  4. Let your eye see light and shade, the beauty of it. Remember that one cannot exist without the other. Love the last light on a late autumn day.

  5. Make your bed first thing.

  6. Cook a new dish, slowly, carefully. Exclude the noise and the desire to multitask. Let the little ones help and let the mess go.

  7. Stop comparing others curated lives to your real life. Put your phone down, sit in your favourite chair and enjoy how it feels around you.

  8. Do something nice for someone else, for no reason, with no expectation of something in return.

  9. Wrap yourself in a blanket like a hug.

  10. Stop waiting for someone else to bring you flowers.

  11. Smile at strangers like you mean it. We are wearing masks but so much connection can be made through the eyes.

  12. Find a way to connect with nature. Jump into water. Take your shoes off and walk barefoot in the grass. Lie down on a carpet of autumn leaves and look up at the sky. Go out at nighttime and enjoy the stars.

  13. Write that thing down, that nagging thought, that inner critic, that fight you want to have. Let all the crazy out onto the page, cry if you need to, then watch as the words lose their power.

  14. Stop waiting for permission, invitation, the others to catch up. Run towards your destiny, your passion,unafraid, without looking back.

  15. Tell an old friend how much you love them.

  16. Clear your bedroom of clutter.

  17. Wear your fanciest clothes on a random day.

  18. Read a favourite poem out loud, at least twice. Let the echo of it sit with you for a minute or two

  19. Move your body. Run, dance, do yoga. Celebrate the miracle that is movement.

  20. Find an activity you loved as a child. Do it now. Don't show the result to anyone.

  21. Quit social media for as long as you can. Be in your world. Be in love with it.

What else would you add to this list?

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