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For the motherhood adventure

​​​​​Mindfulness - Doula - Yoga

 The most beautiful and the craziest adventure of your life?

There may be thrills, scares, joy and rage (sometimes all before 9am on a Tuesday morning!)

So let's make sure you have the right tools and support, to make it the amazing adventure you always dreamed of

Calm in the Chaos has given me so many tools to help connect with myself and my son in a more intuitive way” 

—  Kirsty (Galway, Ireland)

But first, you

Let's agree one thing. The perfect, Zen mother is an illusion. This isn't me, it's probably not you either.

The difference between a challenge and a stress?

It could be you mama.

Putting yourself first for a while.

Building your calm and resilience so that your family chaos (and it will be chaos sometimes) can feel less stressful, more fun.

Because you're their everything.

Let's make sure you're making time for you.

I'm Mairead (that's me and baby bump number 1 over there) and I'm passionate about supporting you through mindfulness, yoga and doula support.

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