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Mother Circle

A space for renewal, reflection, and connection

Connect and share in a meaningful way with others on this motherhood adventure.

Rest and renew your energy with guided meditation and relaxation exercises.

Reflect on life's many joys and challenges through simple journaling prompts.

Share your stories and enjoy a safe space to feel seen, heard and supported.


Join me for a monthly mother circle (online), the third Sunday of the month at 1pm (Irish Time- check your time zone here)

Choose to sign up for the full journey (6 sessions) or sign up for individual sessions.

The first session will be April 18th

Mother Circle

A space for renewal, reflection, and connection

This is what I want for you mama

Take a break. You know you deserve it.

A break from the feeding, the minding, the mental load so loud it makes you want to explode!

Recharge your batteries. Feel calm instead of crazy.

Acknowledge and applaud all you do as a mother. The learning, the laughter, the gazillion trips up and down the stairs at bedtime.

Listen to the stories of others. Know that you’re not alone in the challenges you face, the transformations you struggle with.

Tell us what you’re really feeling, without fear of judgement (we get it, I promise, we’ve probably been there too).

Enjoy that warm fuzzy feeling that comes with being seen, heard and supported just as you are.

And best of all? Rejoin your family with strength and smiles.

Join me for a mother circle in Salt and Soul Studio, Strandhill on 

8th October

12.30 - 2pm

(Stay for a cuppa after too if you feel like it!)

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Let's make our own village

They say it takes a village to raise a child.

So why do we end up doing so much of it alone?

​We compare ourselves to an idea of a perfect mother (on social media or some ideal in our minds), and we find ourselves lacking.

We feel touched out and over stretched. The people close to us become targets for our rage instead of supports for our pain.

We crave connection with people who understand but we shy away from sharing the difficulties of motherhood with others.

We weren’t meant to do this alone.

We were meant to have a village to count on, to hear the stories of others who have walked these paths, to share the joys and the difficulties.

Let’s change the story. Let’s make our own village.


Let’s support each other to lead the most joyful life we can imagine.


How does it work?

The format may vary slightly, but will include

  • guided meditation or other restorative or relaxation practice

  • opportunity for reflection through simple journaling prompts

  • a chance to share your thoughts, your experience, your emotions (the raw and the raging!)

  • a closing of the circle with poetry, affirmations or setting hopes and intentions for the week ahead

Open to all on the motherhood journey, whether you're pregnant, trying to conceive, a mother to teenagers, or a step mom, foster mum or any mothering role 


(No advice, no judgment and no mother left out – if you’re struggling financially, circle is free or by donation. Please get in touch).

Your guide


I'm Mairéad, mama to two boys, yoga teacher, birth doula. I've also studied group dynamics and facilitation.  I'm passionate about helping mothers to find space for themselves in the middle of the intense demands of life with little ones. ​

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