For the motherhood adventure

 The most beautiful and the most challenging adventure of your life

There may be thrills, scares, joy and rage (sometimes all before 9am on a Tuesday morning- am I right?)

So let's make sure you have the right tools and support, to make it the amazing adventure you always dreamed of

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Calm in the Chaos has given me so many tools to help connect with myself and my son in a more intuitive way” 

—  Kirsty (Galway, Ireland)


Motherhood,like any worthwhile adventure, has its ups and downs.

There is huge love, huge change, and HUGE emotions. 

As I stepped into my journey, I doubted myself, often.

I struggled with sleep deprivation, with anxiety and worry about whether I was doing the right things, the best things, for my babies.

Sometimes I didn't feel like anyone else understood, sometimes I didn't recognise myself.Some days nothing my partner did was good enough. Some days my kiddos drove me absolutely crazy.

Most days I thought everyone else except me had it all together.

You too?

What kept me (more or less) sane was falling back on the tools I'd learned as a yoga teacher and long time meditator. I meditated while I paced the hall with a cranky baby. I did yoga while a toddler climbed over me. I read stories of mothers who inspired me and told me their truth. I told my truth to others. 

One thing I've learned (and continue to re-learn!) is that the demands of motherhood are easier once you give yourself SPACE.

Space to breathe and to gain perspective.

Space to hear from other mamas about the struggles they face.

Space for YOU in the middle of the intense demands of motherhood.

I want to help you to find that space.

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